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Votre coach fitness
   Any movement of any kind is creator [Edgar Allan Poe]   

Functional Training

The Functional Training is based on reading the movements that the human body can produce and its goal is to lead the movement and not muscle.

The Functional Training is accessible to all athletes confirmed as amateurs, you want to run faster, jump higher, hit harder or simply move better. It will allow you to strengthen your body and its members and to stabilize the joints, this optimization potential while leading to increased your sport performance.

The Functional Training at Body-Up is accessible to people of all ages and all fitness levels and, rather than traditional cardio and resistance exercises, a Functional Training program is defined by your physical abilities and physiological as well as your specific needs.

Laurent, your sports coach, plan your sessions based on your available time, your level and goals you want to achieve, then it will result an optimal progression over time.

With its knowledge and over 10 years of expertise field, Laurent, will take you further than you imagined.

Laurent, your coach

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