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  • From monday to friday from 6am to 8pm
Votre coach fitness
   If the problem you are having is a solution, it is useless to worry. But if he does not, then worry no difference. [Adage Tibetan]   

Laurent, your coach

His experience allows him to establish an accurate diagnosis of each physical state and development opportunities and, from these élèments, create individual programs effective in accordance with the objectives and the availability of each.

The goals are achieved with progressivity and without deviation, your progress is monitored with measurements and is materialized with the evolution curves.
Each drive adapts to physical and psychological changes of each spot as tiredness due to external phenomena because sport should be fun in all conditions.

Laurent's personal trainer since 2005, sports from a young age and still practice many sports such as football, basketball, boxing, jiu jitsu, capoeira, wakeboard, snowboard, fitness to tackle, cycling, fitness, ...
Of course he has a solid training including: - A FITS certificate as "Fitness training instructor" Mies
- A FITS certificate as "Personal Trainer" Mies
- A certificate of Power Plate Academy "Basic Fitness & Beauty Academy" in Nyon

Furthermore he took several additional training TRX, VIPR, Functional Training, ...

With its knowledge and its know-how to pitch, Laurent, will take you further than you imagined in your wellness goals.

Laurent, your coach

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