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Elisa, your coach

Elisa von Arx is a Yoga Teacher certified by the American School Awakened School of Yoga. Graduated in 2016, she completed an intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Costa Rica at Nosara. (200H YTT)

Passionate about the philosophy of yoga, she has made of it a true way of life. Whether it is through the daily physical practice of asanas, meditation and reflections on its interactions with its environment. Her goal is to share her passion and to transmit to others the benefits and virtues of yoga in their everyday life.

Elisa is specialized in Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga restorative and prenatal Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga style based on dynamic movements harmonized by breathing. This type of yoga is perceived as a cleansing of the body and mind through practice. Thus, this dynamic style of yoga includes body benefits such as strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, but also for the mind, as well as stress management, concentration and control of the emotional state. Through Vinyasa yoga you will get to know yourself better and feel a sense of well-being.
Restorative yoga is a rejuvenating and revitalizing yoga. It is an extremely restful and passive yoga. During this course Elisa offer you various extremely comfortable poses allowing an intense relaxation. The main purpose of restorative yoga is to lower the level of stress and tensions of daily life and to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. prenatal yoga classes are offered only in private individual classes. This is a tailor-made course that follows the client throughout her pregnancy. Every woman experiences pregnancy in her own way, the course evolves according to her needs and expectations.

Thus, through Elisa's courses you will have the opportunity to discover a mixture of these two types of yoga, intense and dynamic at first and ending in a relaxing phase.

Its courses are recommended for all levels, it develops each of its courses with care and adapt them according to your personal needs and desires. Do not hesitate to come and try his classes and discover his world.

With its knowledge and its know-how to pitch, Elisa, will take you further than you imagined in your wellness goals.

Laurent, your coach

    You can follow her on Instagram under elisavayoga and on her Facebook page with the same name.

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