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   Man is the only animal that weight gain worries. [Philippe Meyer]   

Purpose and objective of dietetics

It is wise to know that good eating habits are at least half the result in terms of objectives, either for the purpose of losing weight, gain muscle or, more generally, as part of a optimal health.

Ideally caloric intake of each of us should be equal to the caloric expenditure to maintain its own energy balance.

However our daily lives with its environment changes, varied physical effort and unforeseen do not allow us to have stable caloric expenditure while a regular energy intake is necessary for proper development and maintenance of physiological functions.

Besides the rule is to eat only when hungry and stop eating when you are full, personalized meal plan will take into account the concept of energy density that will allow you to lose weight without you feel tired or large hunger, ensure that you do not have control excessively everything you eat.

More personalized food plan does not require you to constantly calculate your calorie needs and above will take you to eat less simply because you will have much less hungry.

Eat without depriving themselves, protect the body of the most common diseases, achieve optimal life balance, falls from an education that brings you your daily sports coach.

It is for these reasons that Body-Up can help you to study with you a truly customized diet plan.

Come on to Body-Up for a FREE  TOUR that you will study a personalized diet plan.

Because diet is a profession, because this discipline uses of multidomain solid knowledge, physiological, biomechanical, psychological and other, the professionalism of Body-Up will allow you to implement your personalized diet plan.


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