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   Having sportsmanship ... For some elegance in victory is as difficult as in defeat. [Joyce Carol Oates]   

Keiser Functional Trainer

Golfer, tennis player, skipper skier ..., amateurs, professionals or sports for a day, Keiser has just developed a machine for you.

Indeed the Keiser Functional Trainer is a multifunction machine that offers an unlimited range of exercises from the targeted muscle work, rehabilitation, specific to work for many sports such as golf, tennis, sailing, boxing, ...

The Keiser Functional Trainer can be used much by all types of athletes they are confirmed amateurs or professionals because its technology allows everyone to work safely any muscle group in each angle and at every speed.

With the precision of Keiser Functional Trainer settings, everyone has the ability to adjust with great precision work intensity and monitor resistance.

Technically, with its ever-constant resistance and unchanged regardless of the strength and speed of the exercise, the Keiser Functional Trainer ensures intense functional workouts, smooth and without shock to the muscle fibers, ligaments as joints.

The adjustment of the resistance may be 100 grams per 100 grams and the intensity of exercise can even be changed during the movement to better simulate your sports reality.

Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline uses of multidomain solid knowledge, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other, the professionalism of Body-Up will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Keiser Functional Trainer safely.

The machine

Come and judge for yourself what Keiser Functional Trainer can do for you ... FREE   TRIAL

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