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Altitude training simulator Hypoxico

Following the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano, the sports management team looked for ways to offer athletes an individualized hypoxia training solution that respects the health of the athlete, LHTL was born (LHTL for Living high, Training low).

The interest of LHTL is, physiologically, to benefit from the effects of hypoxia at sea level, it is the role of the Hypoxico altitude simulator.

By staying in Nyon, you can prepare or maintain the level of your neuromuscular capacities and prepare you to have a muscular blood flow adapted to the altitude to which you are going.

The physiological functioning of the body under hypoxic stress will be modified by short-term (immediate), medium-term (few days) and long-term (few weeks) adjustments. Two successive phases are precisely characterized:
- a period of acute stimulation
- a period of chronic hypoxia of acclimatization to hypoxia.

Thus the Hypoxico mask, developed by a team of former university athletes, elite alpinists and professional athletes, will help you prepare your future stays at altitude.

If you would like more information about the technical characteristics of the device at Body Up, click here.

The machine

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