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Technical characteristics of Hypoxico Altitude Simulator

Since 1996, Hypoxico has been active in the development of altitude simulation devices for the improvement of sports performance and medicine and holds several patents for normobaric hypoxia equipment for this purpose. .
Throughout these years, Hypoxico has consolidated with elite athletes who use its systems, coaches, universities and even in the military field, as a recognized firm for the development and supply of artificial hypoxia equipment. the best quality, with the highest technology currently available.
Hypoxico differentiates itself from other brands because it is both the founder and sole proprietor of the patent associated with hypoxic technology and continues to be the only one to manufacture not only its own devices but also to develop new ones. products and accessories.

Hypoxico is currently led by a team of former university athletes, elite mountaineers and professional athletes, and works closely with its distributors to distribute its products around the world. Hypoxic hypoxic generator is an ultra-modern device that produces hypoxic air continuously.
It has a low noise level (50 dB in full operation) and the length of its air hose keeps the hypoxic generator away from the hypoxic environment and thus further minimizes the effect of noise.
The simulated altitude is easy to select, the hypoxia range from 21% (0 meters altitude) up to 13% (around 3800 meters simulated altitude); by adding the high altitude adapter, the system can generate oxygen-depleted air (up to 9%, simulated altitude of 6400 meters).
The very high rates of hypoxic air, which vary according to the simulated altitude chosen and can exceed 120 liters / minute.

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The machine

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