• Body-Up - Route des Tattes d'oie 95, 1260 Nyon
  • +41 (0) 78 604 44 23
  • From monday to friday from 6am to 8pm
Your coach fitness
   The strength lies in the absence of fear, not the amount of flesh and muscle we have in our body. [Gandhi]   

Maintain and increase muscle

All movements we do involve our muscles, whether for walking, writing, driving, running, etc ...

Our 600 muscles have the ability to relax, contract, produce force and without constant maintenance of muscle, their sizes and powers decline.

An inactive person loses about 400 grams of muscle every year after age 20 years, after age 60, the rate of muscle loss doubles.

Fortunately muscle loss is not inevitable and regular strengthening your muscles, muscle loss can also be rebuilt and muscle mass can be maintained throughout life.

A FREE   TRIAL at Body-Up will allow you to accompany you to maintain and increase your muscle.

Laurent, your personal trainer at Body-Up, you can then plan with sessions depending on your available time, your physical abilities and the musculature of goals you want to fix you.

Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline uses multi strong knowledge areas, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other, trust the professionalism of Body-Up to maintain and increase your muscle.

Present in Body-Up, the machines as MIHA BODYTEC, POWER PLATE and KEISER FUNCTIONAL TRAINER allow you to maintain and increase your muscle.

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