• Body-Up - Route des Tattes d'oie 95, 1260 Nyon
  • +41 (0) 78 604 44 23
  • From monday to friday from 6am to 8pm
Your fitness coach
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  • Body-Up, your coach fitness because today the time of physical activity is integrated into the way of life, it is no longer experienced as a constraint, this time becomes a pleasure and falls within the framework of a leisure that is beneficial to your health.
  • Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline calls for solid multidomain, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other knowledge, the professionalism of a Personal Trainer coach as Body-Up is essential.
  • You want to lose 4 to 6 cm of waist circumference!
    With Body-Up, the fixed goals, whether recreational (energetic) or essential (weight loss, muscular reinforcement of the back or the abdominal strap), are reached with progressivity and without deviation.

Welcome to Body-Up, a place, a coach, transform your life.

Come visit us

Body-Up (Personal Training & Personal Trainer) is 2 minutes from the center of Nyon, between Genève et Lausanne, and offers a large training space for a bespoke service, individually or in groups, with a customized program that will be based on your needs and the results you want.
What makes this place unique is the diversity of activities that one can find, in hardware, originality and effectiveness of coaching and training that you will receive.

Choose your goals

      Lose weight, refine your figure
       Tone, firm, sculpt your body
       Taking muscle mass
       Flexibility, improved flexibility
       Prepare for an event
       Rebalance your posture, reduce your back problems
       Improve your overall fitness
       Increase your performance for your favorite sport

How can the coach help you ?

      Help fine-tune its silhouette
      Training in a sport
      Preparation of the ski season
      Improve its flexibility
      Accompany the Belly Lose
      Choosing the right material for you
      Rebalancing your posture

The gym and coach

Body-Up revolutionizes training with equipment consisting essentially of the art equipment, so your Personal Training sessions are the most effective and most varied possible.
If you are reading this, is that you need someone to help you accomplish your goals, you are at right place so do not wait, come and discover the benefits of Personal Training.

Call Body-Up right away at 078 604 44 23 for a FREE   INITIATION.

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